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WRHU Sports On A Daily Basis

As a member of WRHU, I am responsible for three key things: 

1. Cover one music slot, at least 90 minutes, once every two weeks.

2. Attend the year’s two all-staff meetings.

3. Keep all contact information up to date in the station’s records.

Now, here are some of the extra requirements of being a member of the WRHU Sports Department. Keep in mind that these don’t include Hofstra game broadcasts.

1. Attend every monthly meeting.

2. Cover sports for either “Hofstra’s Morning Wake-Up Call,” (the station’s daily morning show airing from 7-9 AM), or for Newsline (the nightly news show airing from 5:30 to 6:00 PM) once every other week.

3. Participate in two editions of “The Bullpen,” (half-hour show every Friday night), or one edition of “The Locker Room,” (the department’s signature show from 8-9 PM on Sundays).

So far, that’s a pretty full plate. But, in edition to those requirements, I am a co-producer of the show “Top Post,” which airs every Wednesday from 8-9 PM. Here are some of the aspects that go into that:

1. Set up weekly interviews. I am responsible for booking interviews with schools from the ECAC, The Ivy League, the Patriot League, and the NEC. Also, since scheduling issues arise, there are times when I have to conduct the interview, which involves a lot of prep work.

2. Record the on-air production elements. I am the voice of the show, so it’s up to me to record and mix the weekly game bumps. Click to hear some of the on-air elements for Top Post, the intro followed by a few game bumps.

3. Make assignments and create a rundown. Every week my co-producers and I send out an email to the department asking who can be in for the week’s show. They respond with a “yay” or “nay” and we make the assignments accordingly (2 hosts, 1 engineer, 1 update guy, and 1 person to read a lacrosse feature).

It’s a big plate and when they all overlap, it can get quite stressful when added to a full schedule of classes.

These last few days have been exactly that.

On Sunday, I was in for The Locker Room. My job was to be an Eng. Assist (radio jargon for assistant engineer). Basically, my job was to cut up sound from post-game press conference sound from the week. This show take four hours of prep, so I came into the station at 4 and left at 10:30. Why so late? Because after the show everybody involved gets to critique their peers. We call this Post-mortem. So a long Sunday ends late.

On Monday, I attended class at 10 AM. After class, I sent an email to Lehigh University in order to set up an interview with their men’s lacrosse head coach, Kevin Cassese, for Top Post. Before that I had to find out the schedules of the this week’s hosts so I knew when they would be available to pre-record the interview.

Monday was also my day to covers sports on Newsline. The rule for that is to show up two hours before airtime, that would be 3:30. However, I have class at 3, so being the dedicated person I am, I showed up at 2:30 to make up for that lost hour. It usually takes a couple hours to write a solid, 3-minute sports report and to find various cuts to use. Here’s the finished product.

Tuesday wasn’t a tough day, but compared to what other days are like, it might as well have been a day off. Before class at 11 I came into the station early to oversee the Lehigh interview, which I have to edit for the show Wednesday night (I can’t post the interview yet, but I will once it airs on WRHU). I went to class at 11, got out at 12:30. My next class was cancelled, so I figured I have the rest of the day free…nope. Last weekend I attended a New York Mets conference at Hofstra and recorded some show ID’s from a few of the former players that were there. The Locker Room producer asked me to create the show ID, using a music bed, some highlights, and digital effects. That took about an hour, but it sounds good to me (Click here).

So, the week is barely half over and I feel like I’ve done a week’s worth of work. But, that’s what it is. The practice and experience is priceless and in the end should be invaluable to my success.

By the way, Top Post airs tonight and I still have more to work on for the show. Also, I’m on the call for

The Hofstra Pride softball team takes on UNCW this weekend

Friday’s softball double-header, so I have to take time to prep for those

games and I’m hosting the pre-game and post-game for Saturday’s softball game as well. Click hereto check out some of my work from softball earlier this season.

I guess that means I have another week’s worth of work to do before the week ends.


About markprussin

Student a Hofstra University. Journalism major, hoping to become professional sports broadcaster. Station member at 88.7 FM WRHU, producer of Top Post (D-I Men's Lacrosse show on WRHU).


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